Grand Criminal Online-Grand Criminal Online v0.41.12 APK + MOD (Menu/Ammo, Immortality)

Grand Criminal Online-Grand Criminal Online v0.41.12 APK + MOD (Menu/Ammo, Immortality) title=

Grand Criminal Online


Grand Criminal Online: Heists in the criminal city is an exciting action game genre. If you are the type of person who loves to mess around, then this game is for you. Playing the role of a scoundrel, you will use all your vandalism to rattle the city. There is no limit to you in this game; as long as you don’t let the police catch you; otherwise, the game will end immediately.


Grand Criminal Online has many more positive changes in this updated version. Car crashes and crashes will become more realistic when new car distorting effects are added. Some new missions have also been updated, such as “Root the ATM,” which corresponds to a series of new rewards that come with the quests. The game publisher also favors giving gamers a super modern plane, making it easier to carry out terrorist attacks from above. Players can now change their names as well.


In Grand Criminal Online, you are not forced to do anything, but you will choose all. At the beginning of the game is a peaceful city, of course, you can choose to walk and enjoy that life. Or, to make the game more interesting and dramatic, find a way to destroy everyone in the city. It may be just a light prank at first, but you can turn it into shootings, robberies, or serious accidents later on.

You are using violence to hit or rob people’s motorbikes and cars. You will then use them to cause accidents or other robberies. This process will bring you some great bonuses. You can freely commit many different crimes such as robbery, fighting even causing an accident or murder. Bank raids will make your name famous throughout the city.


Your vandalism will attract the attention of the police. Especially serious cases such as robbery or injuring people will make you highly wanted. The more you mess up, the more stars your star will increase, which means you become a more dangerous criminal. This will bring a lot of police to arrest you. So limit hazardous crimes and find relief crates to lower your stars; it will help you be safer.


In Grand Criminal Online, you will encounter many different types of weapons and vehicles. Stores and item crates provide you with a wide range of modern guns with significant damage, such as pistols, AK guns, air guns, etc. However, they will quickly run out of ammunition, so you need to contact Keep looking for new firearms in the city to replace yourself. In addition, you also have the opportunity to encounter and control many different vehicles such as cars, police cars, even tanks, armored vehicles, and even airplanes, …


Join your friends for more fun experiences. PvE mode will help you get used to the game, accumulate more rewards, and entertain yourself when alone. The PVP mode will give you moments of side by side with your teammates in your street destruction journey. Work together on challenging tasks to put your name on the prestigious rankings.