Zombie Farm - Plant Defense-Zombie Farm - Plant Defense v1.2.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Zombie Farm - Plant Defense-Zombie Farm - Plant Defense v1.2.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No Ads) title=

Zombie Farm - Plant Defense


Zombie Farm – Plant Defense is based on the classic zombie game genre, but it has many new and exciting features. After the zombie pandemic started, people worldwide ran for their lives. Scientists created a special garden with the express purpose of growing genetically engineered plants. Because of how they are made, these plants can protect themselves from zombies. The most important thing that gen-mod plants do is keep zombies out of the garden and away from human outposts. Through generative manipulation, this can be done. The sky garden is a beautiful centerpiece and a magical fortress that protects your home from dangers from the outside.

You must first unlock the soil plots before you can begin planting trees. The power of a tree can be increased by grafting together several plants in the same growth stage simultaneously. You must find a secure location for your plants that can destroy zombies. The tree’s “Angry Boost” ability makes its attacks more frequent and rapid. Instead of doing it by hand, use the “Auto Merge” machine to combine multiple plants. Killing the zombies is necessary to prevent them from reaching areas where humans are safe.

You won’t be able to find any of these sky farms anywhere else besides in this zombie game: There are 70 unique types of plants in Farm Town, each with its own set of abilities. In addition, there are 62 unique types of zombies. It has been demonstrated that improved crop growth can be achieved by applying pesticides and watering plants while listening to music. When the tree is old enough, you will be able to obtain valuable items as well as money. Good flower pots will make your garden look better. It will perish if the plant does not consistently receive the care it requires. This merge game features three chapters, a total of 600 levels, and many other fun extras. Zombies are infesting Farm City; you must begin fighting as soon as possible!!!